A five piece band with an unapologetically big sound, Tom Waits For No Man is a group of audiophiles, film nerds, and stoners who infuse their music with experimental sound, cinematic motifs and THC. They draw from a wide range of influences, including The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pink Floyd, My Bloody Valentine, and Electric Wizard, along with underground ‘60s garage rock, post punk and proto punk. Tom Waits For No Man creates a post-modern style that is truly and uniquely their own.


Built on an underlying backdrop of feedback, the band uses a diverse set of instrumentation, including more common instruments like guitar, bass, drums, and keys along with instruments you wouldn’t expect, such as as theremin, saxophone and violin. Using imagery from horror, Western and science fiction films to contextualize their music, the band uses drones and harsh noise surrounded by structured, catchy and melodic songs to create a sound distinctive to Tom Waits For No Man.


Their dark, lyrical content focuses on the somber side of religion, the dangers of technology, the universal sorrow of a broken heart, and mental illness. Nonlinear light and sound will plant a small seed of unease in your mind, while warmer sounds coming from loud tube amps will serve to alternately comfort you. Examples can be found in their releases, Bird Flew (2018), The Consumption (2017), Noisebaby (2015), Tales From the Black Lodge (2014) and Fun WIth String (2013).


Tom Waits For No Man is...

Shaun Chapman: guitar/vocals 

Bryan Baker: bass

Skyler Cragg: saxophone 

Seth Proch: feedback/keys

Johnny Huber: drums